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Armory is about to go Beta! Help me release it by trying/using it!

I'm the developer of Armory Bitcoin Client. This is a desktop app that has been in development 1.5 years, and I've probably put 2,000 hours into its development. I just posted a call for testing on the forums, and thought this was another good place to rally support :)
This is not just another Bitcoin client. This is state-of-the-art-all-the-features-you-ever-wanted Bitcoin wallet management system!
The version on the Get Armory! page is essentially a release candidate for Beta. But I don't want to officially make it Beta until I get more users poking it and stressing it. By the way -- Armory has been in alpha for 8 months, with 1,500 downloads per month, and no reports of anyone ever losing coins! So, don't be shy. Please try it and ask lots of questions. (I also have a FAQ but it's not complete, yet).
EDIT: I forgot to mention that Armory is fully supported on Windows and Linux, 32-bit and 64-bit. There is no official support for OSX, but user RedEmerald has made a "formula" that requires only a couple terminal commands to download, compile and install it on OSX.
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Let's Build a DIY bootable USB drive to securely store and send bitcoins

I recently came across Tails.
Tails is a live operating system, that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity, and helps you to:
Our community suffers from security measures being to difficult to access. Without access to an offline computer and printer, it would be nice to have tools to create bitcoin vaults on anyone's computers using available tech.
Can we fork Tails to provide a distro with Bitcoin tools?
It would be incredibly liberating to hold your funds on a bootable USB with relative safety.
To prevent disaster from a physical malfunction, the wallet inside an encrypted (truecrypt) container could be safely kept on the cloud.
This would compliment cold storage This helps paper wallets and methods such as CryptoCards. Since opening these cold storages on a normal computer would reduce the security of your cold storage, using a secure bootable environment would allow you to manage your funds more safely.
Could this raise security or does it suffer a flaw that prevent's it's usefulness?
I'd love to hear your guys input on this. We very much need relatively easy to use tools that promote security and independence of need for 3rd parties.
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Armory Tutorial Part 2 Armory Tutorial - Offline Transactions Trace Mayer & Andy Ofiesh of Armory @ Inside Bitcoins NY BitFreeze - Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet Generator - built w/ Electron

Dies ist eine komplette Anleitung für Bitcoin Wallets. In diesem ausführlichen Beitrag erfahren Sie mehr über die besten Bitcoin- und Krypto-Wallets für Handy, Desktop und Cold Storage. Armory Bitcoin Desktop Wallet. Das Armory Bitcoin Wallet wurde bereits in 2015 auf den Markt gebracht und zählt zu den besten Bitcoin Wallets für den Desktop-PC. Es basiert auf einem open-source Python Code, der von jeder Person kontrolliert werden kann. Auch deshalb gilt es als eines der sichersten Bitcoin Wallets. Armory Wallet Transaktionsgebühren sind also im Vergleich der Bitcoin Wallets als sehr günstig einzustufen, da sie nicht über die normalen Fees & Kosten für BTC Sendungen hinausgehen.. Armory Wallet Funktionen & Extras. Das Angebot darf als eines der Pioniere der Cold Wallets und Mehrfachsignaturen angesehen werden. It’s ideal for setting up a multisig wallet where funds are likely to be placed in cold storage for a long time, and access will be infrequent. Armory is available as a desktop build only ... Armory is well funded for future development. On September 16, 2013, Armory Technologies, Inc. announced the completion of seed round investment funding to ensure continued develo...

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Armory Tutorial Part 2

Bitcoin 101 - Getting Your BTCs out of Your Paper Wallets & Cold Storage - Fun with Sloppy Wallets - Duration: 10:54. ... Sending Bitcoin - Armory Guide - Duration: 3:23. super3boy 1,812 views. 3 ... Bitcoin Armory - Spending from a Lockbox - Duration: 4:56. ... Setting up cold storage in Armory on Ubuntu 14.04 - Duration: 27:01. Bitcoin Beginner 6,395 views. 27:01. How To Store Your Bitcoins ... Bitcoin Cold Storage Part 1: Introduction / The Basics - Duration: 7 ... How to make an offline bitcoin wallet using Armory - Duration: 14:55. TheMetaTainment Recommended for you. 14:55 . How to ... Trace and Andy spoke about the innovative technology behind the Armory wallet, including both cold storage and multi-signature, and how they recommend people keep their bitcoins safe and secure. Bitcoin 101 - Intro to Paper Wallets & Cold Storage - Bitcoin Security & Fun with Sloppy Wallets - Duration: ... Alan Reiner from Bitcoin Armory discussing mulit-sig Lock boxes - Duration: 3:09 ...